Summer coolness: 50 mint manicure ideas


Mint shade looks fresh and is perfect for the summer. If you like to experiment with a manicure, you definitely should try this varnish: it will look bright enough, but not too defiantly - the mint manicure goes well with a light dress and a business suit. There are many design options that will help you to make unique nails.

Mint Manicure Ideas Solo

Blue-green shades will look great on the gel, and on the usual varnish. In addition, despite the fact that the color range is extraordinary, such a manicure for the summer is quite versatile.

The original varnish will look coquettishly on long nails.

If you want to focus, choose flashy options, and for a simple everyday manicure, you can choose pastel shades.

If you have short nails, you can choose a muted tone with a light blue

You can play with the texture: choose glossy varnishes or options without any gloss.

Matt mint manicure looks very elegant

Caviar manicure is another interesting trend that you can try on your nails even at home.

Creative relief options can be an excellent option for the evening

To sharp nails do not look vulgar, pick a delicate shade of mint.

Light translucent mint lacquer complements the romantic look.

Photos of cool designs using different techniques and effects.

Modern nail design is so diverse that you can make a unique and unusual manicure.

Unusual variation of the moon manicure looks elegant and extraordinary

French manicure is a classic that always remains relevant.

Connoisseurs of aristocratic manicure can make a mint jacket

Exotic lovers can decorate nails with images of peacock feathers.

Original and complex drawings also fit the mint shade of manicure.

Brilliant nail art will be well combined with fresh blue-green varnish.

Ruby manicure gives the effect of a smooth shiny surface - it looks great with a mint shade

Simple peas and light flower prints will make the summer image a romantic one.

Even the simplest patterns can become an accent in your bow.

Shiny varnishes will be significantly different from normal in appearance.

Add some sparkle and the whole look will shine

The gradient makes the nails visually longer and looks very unusual.

Ombre manicure is very relevant now.

Among the ornaments are now popular abstract simple patterns.

Geometric figures on the nails can be decorated with foil

Knitted manicure appeared for a long time, but does not lose its relevance

Relief manicure, imitating a knitted sweater, looks very gentle

Floral patterns can be placed on the nails in an original way.

Vegetative ornaments can decorate the whole nail or its tips

The gradient can be unusual - for example, in it you can combine several shades and apply painting over it.

Unusual gradient and drawings on the marine theme suitable for the resort.

The design of one nail always looks concise and stylish.

Exotic drawings will allow you to create a distinctive manicure

Roses have always been associated with femininity - try to decorate their nails with them.

Stylish floral prints look interesting on mint manicure

If you don’t like a lot of glitter, a single sequin can complete your nail design.

Even nails with rhinestones can be decorated minimalistly.

If you like to shine, you can glue over the whole nail.

Multi-colored sequins can decorate your nails

Lunar manicure looks quite neutral, so it is quite possible to combine it with more unusual patterns.

You can alternate moon manicure with a different design on different nails

Even in a complex design it is not necessary to use a lot of catchy colors: with the help of a black and mint shade you can create unusual images.

You can elegantly decorate mint manicure with a tone painting

Large rhinestones and beads will look extravagant and complement evening bow

Rhinestones, metal elements and decorative pearls will make your nails luxurious as jewelry.

The silhouette of a flamingo can look original on nails.

Animal images are also suitable for summer.

Hearts glued to the nails will definitely attract attention.

Heart-shaped rhinestones will fit perfectly in youth style

Combination options with other colors

Now popular color manicure.

If you like to make colorful nails, try to combine fresh blue-green shades with peach

Metallic color looks unusual on nails - especially in combination with colored varnishes.

Gold looks stylish and fresh with varnishes in cold colors

If you like non-standard combinations, consider chocolate shades.

Brown varnish can look interesting with mint

Dark varnishes always look stylish - especially in contrast with the color.

Dark varnishes, close to black, can look very good

Bright colors can be combined in simple patterns on the nails.

Rich purple tones will create a futuristic design.

Mint and orange shades look bright in summer.

Bright orange color can also be suitable for summer

Definitely any cool tones will fit - in particular, unusual shades of brown.

Mint and cold brown tones complement each other in an original way.

Blue varnish will look simple and harmonious. Design, you can choose the most simple.

Mint holes complement the dark blue lacquer

Silver lacquers can be safely used for any occasion.

Silver nail in such a manicure can be a highlight

In addition to silver, and the usual light gray tones will look advantageous.

For a sophisticated design, combine your varnish with gray and silver.

If you like brightness, consider the next option.

For custom design choose crimson shades

Cold pastel colors are perfectly combined with each other, and you can diversify the design with a bright pattern.

Lilac lacquer perfectly complements your manicure

Blue-violet unexpected shades can also suit you.

A complex blue-purple hue will appeal to lovers of unusual ideas.

Pink, yellow and blue-green tones can be successfully combined in a variety of variations.

If you like pastel colors, try fresh lemon shades.

Coral shades go almost every one and fit well into a fresh bright manicure.

Coral shades of pink look very elegant

Delicate green shades will make your nails very unusual.

Mint and lime varnishes look good together

Light coffee colors look at the same time restrained and original.

Coffee shades are suitable as the basis for complex patterns.

Plain beige lacquer is suitable for lovers of calm solutions, close to the classics.

Beige translucent lacquers will also help you diversify your manicure.

Red will not look too defiant in combination with a pastel shade.

Mint tones with red look catchy and spectacular.

Lilac tones are the best suited romantic nature. You can decorate such a manicure with a flower ornament.

Purple lacquer will create a gentle and fragile image

White color is so neutral that it can be used in any situation.

This is a universal combination to which you can choose any design.

Sunny yellow tones and bright pictures are especially relevant in the summer.

Bright yellow is perfect for summer

Black looks especially elegant on nails.

Black contrasts with any pastel shades and emphasizes them perfectly.

Delicate pink can be easily combined with mint, decorating nails and other decorative elements.

Blue-green shades look very feminine with pink.

Mint manicure not only looks interesting by itself - it can also be combined with other varnishes and create a unique design. Choose your option, depending on your style, length of nails and the desired color. Actual look will be both simple solutions and design with a complex painting.