The most beautiful male models: do not take your eyes off ...


Male attractiveness is a rather relative category and far from paramount. It has long been believed that the most important advantage of a strong half of humanity lies in actions, and not in appearance. But no matter what they say, the most beautiful male models are created precisely in order to attract fascinated glances to themselves.

Mark Vanderloo

At a young age, Mark earned his living by delivering newspapers, working in cafes and bars.

One day, a professional photographer noticed him and his girlfriend and took test shots. This was the beginning of a modeling career that quickly went up the hill.

Mathias Lauridsen

Mathias modeling career began at age 19. It was then that the scar on his cheek, which the guy was very shy and dreamed of hiding, became his highlight.

Due to the unusual appearance and talent today, he is the face of many famous brands.

Evandro soldati

Become a model guy decided after participating in the competition agency Ford.

His career is filled with bright interesting projects, but most of all in the profession of Evandro admires the opportunity to travel a lot around the world.

Mati john kortaharena

Unusual Spanish appearance and hot temperament Mati crazy many women around the world.

The famous Tom Ford helped him find himself in the brilliant fashion industry. He made the guy his muse.

Brad Groening

This famous “part-time” model is the godfather and close friend of Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Today, he often participates in shows with his son, to whom experts have long expected to repeat the success of his father.

Sean O'Pray

Fame came to him thanks to the attention of a jury member of the famous show “Top Model in American Style”, who noticed pictures of Sean on the Internet.

After active video clips, the guy began to receive more and more offers in the field of modeling business from famous brands.

Noa mills

The beginning of the modeling career Noah is obliged to his sister, who sent his photo to one of the agencies.

Very soon, he had fans, but the man gained real fame after a photo shoot with the famous Natalia Vodyanova.

Tyson Beckford

In the 90s, thanks to a bright exotic appearance, crazy temperament and charisma, this young man became a discovery in the men's fashion.

Over time, his popularity grew, and once he entered the list of the most beautiful people in the world.

Markus Schenkenberg

Thanks to the statuesque figure and extraordinary appearance that Marcus owes to his ancestors (Indonesians and Dutch), literally all brands of men's underwear sought to get him as a model.

Marcus tried himself in the cinema, temporarily left the modeling business, but eventually returned with a presentation of his own perfume.

David Gandhi

The basis of his success - a flashy appearance, incredible hard work and talent for the ideal posing in any setting.

As the star of world catwalks, David got the nickname “smoothie with impeccable reputation” in the personal life.

Of course, each of them could choose for themselves a more "male" profession. But it is unlikely she would bring them such a runaway success, fame and worldwide fame. And we have the opportunity to admire the inaccessible beauty of the men on the cover ....