Manicure Spring-2018 - fashion trends and the most stylish finds: 50 photos


With the onset of the new season, we all want a change. So it pulls up to review your wardrobe, choose a new stylish haircut and of course make a manicure. But the abilities of the modern beauty industry are enormous; there are many different technologies and materials at the disposal of the nail service masters. How not to get lost, looking at all this magnificence, and choose a really relevant manicure, which will correspond to modern trends? And most importantly - how to be in trend throughout? We offer 50 photos of manicure for spring-2018, which will clearly demonstrate the fashion trends!

From brightness to classic: what colors are trendy this year

The first thing is to determine the shades, because we are talking about them when discussing current trends. And here we are waiting for a small catch. The fact is that one of the main sources that tell us about the fashion of a particular season is glossy magazines. But not all of us are willing to regularly spend money on such publications. And if the styles of clothes, actual hairstyles are not at all difficult to examine and make useful notes for yourself, it is often not possible to look at the manicure of the model even in large fashion photos.

Laying, clothing and makeup models are clearly visible, and the manicure is usually hidden or remains behind the scenes.

Come to the aid palettes produced by the Pantone Institute. In addition to developing unique technologies for use in print and advertising, the institute analyzes the fashion trends of past years and creates catalogs containing colors that will be relevant in the next season. Moreover, these palettes are universal, they are guided by the creation of collections of clothing, accessories and even objects for decorating the premises. Company catalogs are eagerly awaiting both fashion industry representatives and fashion bloggers who want to keep abreast of the hot news from the fashion world. So, what does the Pantone Institute offer for the spring of 2018?

12 Pantone colors for every taste!

As we can see, there is a place where fantasy roam! It is not necessary to think through the image, using all these colors. A pair of fashionable accents is enough to make the image catchy and original.

Cherry Tomato monochrome manicure is the perfect bright touch!

If you look at the palette, it is impossible not to note the diversity, among which women with different color types and styles will find something interesting for themselves. So, it is quite comfortable with shades that remind us of blossoming buds and bouquets of spring primroses (Blooming Dahlia, Spring Crocus), and at the same time - cosmic green (Arcadia), saturated ultraviolet (Ultra Violet) and fantasy, complex Chili Oil.

The combinations inside the palette are bright and juicy in spring

Fans of strict style and minimalism will be appreciated by the app - four classic rolls that Pantone recommend using to create a more concise look.

Ideal as a base for bolder and brighter things.

So, we have a basis - one or several flowers. Of course, you can simply make a manicure monochrome or select a single finger with a contrasting shade. But what about more complex techniques and interesting patterns? Let's see what in the world of nail design at the height of fashion!

50 photos of manicure spring-2018: fashion trends

We have collected for you the most current trends of this spring - regardless of whether you like short nails or prefer a greater length, you will certainly be able to note a few ideas.

Little about the form

This season at the height of fashion - naturalness. Therefore, if you prefer to cut your nails shortly - rejoice, your manicure is already in trend! But we warn: it concerns only an oval and almond-shaped form. Square this spring - clearly not a favorite.

We advise you to abandon this form and file the edges of the nail, bringing its shape to the oval

But what about women who prefer extravagant, grotesque manicure? Or just not very fond of nails being cut too short? There is one solution that is now very fond of the master of the beauty industry. Prindip is the same: "no" - angularity, "yes" - elongated and even strongly pointed forms! The pronounced triangular edge of the nail, which gives the space for the imagination of the master of manicure - feminine and fashionable!

This principle is effective for both natural and extended nails.

Ideas for short nails

This year rhinestones, stones and everything brilliant are popular at all - so feel free to use glitter varnish! You can combine glitter of different size, so the manicure will become even more spectacular.

In this case, the basis is better to choose a neutral, pastel color.

Another find for gloss lovers is a special foil that allows you to create the effect of broken glass or mother of pearl. You can use it to select only one or two nails, so as not to overdo it.

Correctly place accents, observing the measure

Another interesting technique is the imitation of natural materials, such as marble. Such a coating on the nails will not only become an interesting and original addition to the image, but will also be well combined with any spring outfit: casual, classic and even evening!

You can make the manicure more glamorous by adding blotches of silver or gold

A difficult task is to visually make the nails a little longer, so that their shape seems more feminine. In this, our best assistants are shiny and iridescent textures. For example, as in winter, a foil with a mirror effect is popular. But in the spring we advise you to stop the choice on shades of pink, blue and gold.

A bright accent of fresh, delicate shade is a win-win!

There is another type of varnishes, which will amaze with its beauty and at the same time - simplicity in application. These are tools that allow you to create a glare, like a stone with an exotic name "cat's eye". And the longitudinal light line also visually increases the length of the nail!

Mysterious, deep and incredibly spectacular shades

How about french

The classic version of the French manicure - a classic that is relevant for several seasons in a row. But it can and should be diversified! And the first thing that this spring has become particularly fashionable is the so-called rainbow jacket. It is not so simple in execution, but it will always attract the eye!

The main thing is to achieve a smooth transition between colors.

The trend, which is also worth mentioning: before the white edge of the nail, the so-called "smile", stood out in white, while the main part of the nail remained pink or peach. Now contrasting pairs of quite active shades are gaining popularity.

Feel free to experiment with combinations!

You can highlight only the "smile", and this spring each finger should be decorated with its own shade.

Restrained with a touch of mischief

The sun is warming with might and main, why not be inspired by long-awaited warm days and not make a manicure, in which the "smile" will not be pronounced, but stretched in large drops, like melted ice cream?

Charge of positive and spring mood!

More ways to diversify so well-known french! Let's make the transition from "smile" to another drawing. In order to preserve geometry, we advise you to take a closer look at the hot tendency of this spring - manicure points.

A curious combination that will not go unnoticed!

For romantic and dreamy persons - the transition is more refined. Openwork jacket will go well with a feminine, flying dress and will be a good addition to a light office suit.

Delicate, neat pattern for a true lady

The so-called lunar manicure is often considered in the same group with a jacket. And this is not surprising, because it is a kind of “French jacket opposite,” when we focus not on the “smile” line, but on the part of the nail close to the cuticle. Moon manicure in contrasting colors - something worth trying this spring!

An infinite number of combinations and variations!

Chic and shine!

In the spring of 2018 rhinestones of large and small diameter come back for manicure. The most important thing is not to go too far in your desire to be bright, otherwise there is a high risk of getting a somewhat tasteless result. The most optimal - add two or three rhinestones on the nail. Together with a pastel color varnish you will get a gentle and very cute manicure.

Such a foundation will smooth out the effect of shiny stones.

Any spring relevant floral motifs. Not bad can play a technique in which a few rhinestones will be inscribed in the floral pattern on the nails.

It is best to allocate one or two nails on each hand.

We should not forget that in the hands of a skilled master, brilliant stones can become the basis of a drawing. Pay attention to the images of butterflies and other insects that remind us of spring.

Do not be afraid of such accents, the main thing is to use them skillfully!

The easiest option that you can easily realize at home - filling rhinestones with just one nail. This option is quite active, choosing it, make sure that your image will not have other strokes competing with it in brightness!

If this potpourri of stones were still on at least one finger, there would have been an obvious search!

Lunar manicure can also be beautifully decorated with rhinestones, framing a semicircle near the cuticle with a shiny strip. The main thing, as always, is moderation.

It is better to choose stones of small diameter for this.

We have already seen that in the Pantone palette there are colors that are close to neon shades: lime and ultraviolet. A sharp, catchy combination of neons can also be complemented by glitter. But this option would be appropriate, most likely, in the club and at a party. For everyday wear, we advise you to choose something more restrained.

Not everyone decides to wear such a manicure!

"Five" in geometry

If you like the clarity of forms and verified lines, look at the varieties of geometric manicure. The most simple and basic - the band. You can make them yourself by adopting a thin brush for nail art or special adhesive strips.

Successful will be the combination of saturated colors and metallic stripes.

If you are a fan of soft, smooth lines, be sure to try to draw waves on the nails. Small ripples or sweeping curves - any option will be elegant and relevant!

Be inspired by nature: what about the sun and the rich blue wave?

Zigzags and crow's feet do not go out of fashion - the smaller and more complex the drawing, the better.

Use as a substrate one of the colors from the Pantone palette.

Since in the summer various bright tones in any combinations are more appropriate, manicures with patterns of dots are gaining relevance. Only a master can think over a really beautiful detailed drawing, but the result is worth it!

Of course, this can be repeated at home, but it is still better to trust a professional.

In the spring, and then in the summer, it's time to try on an ethnic or boho style. And to them and the corresponding manicure! As a basis - the patterns and folk art of various countries.

How about borrowing an idea from residents of hot Mexico?

Is this idea of ​​manicure not for you? Allow yourself a little creative mess! When drawing familiar geometric shapes, do not try to reproduce exactly the same pattern on each finger. Free lines - it turns out, this is also one of the trends!

Used the same shades, distributed randomly

The most recent, unusual and current trend is negative manicure, otherwise called negative space. Its essence is that part of the nail plate is not filled with color, only covered with a layer of clear varnish. Against such a background, a variety of geometric shapes look perfect.

Concise and very extravagant decision

Many manicure masters are already offering patterns of red and dark blue stripes, referring us to the marine theme. But we advise you to wait! Such techniques are better reserved until summer.

Leave such "vests" for a hotter time of year!

If it is very much pulls to decorate the nails with stripes, it is better to give preference to patterns from many small lines. This manicure wants to look at as long as possible!

A bold combination of many pastel shades - the last squeak of fashion!

What tenderness!

What trends can be identified if we talk about the use of soft, light tones? One of the easiest and most accessible ways to diversify a manicure in this case is to add a transparent top coat with glitter on top. And not to paint over the whole plate, but to concentrate near the cuticle, as in a moon manicure. Slightly stretch the sparkles so that they seem to melt in the delicate base color of lacquer.

As we have said, shine is very relevant this spring!

Undying fashion trend of any spring - flowers. This season we invite you to contact the salon and make not simple, but three-dimensional drawings with floristic motifs.

A large, beautiful peony resembles a porcelain - very elegant!

If we talked about melting manicure, when we were talking about a jacket, why not go further and try another idea of ​​manicure in the spring of 2018, drawing a slightly melted ice cream on the nails? Reception, relevant only in warm seasons, seize the moment!

Bright, uncommon manicure for perky people!

Be sure to try to combine the powdery shade of the base and metallic inserts and elements. Silver or gold - such brilliant accents on a soft background are experiencing a surge in popularity.

Lucky metallic shades, strips, foil - all this will surely find application!

For bright and catchy!

Want to stand out and attract the attention of others? Then a bright manicure is one of the indispensable components of success! First of all, try the ombre staining technology, or gradient. Of course, it can be performed on the nails of pastel shades, but with bright colors he will play in full force!

Shades of feathers of a tropical bird - on your marigolds!

Do not forget about such a technique as color blocking, when contrasting, active colors are side by side in one manicure.

Quite a complex combination of colors, but they all look very harmonious!

For evening outings, going to parties and clubs, use foil to create a polished or holographic effect.

You can create your own unique pattern on each nail.

The trend of Asian pop culture - bright manicures with various cute characters. In the spring, it is quite possible to afford such a naive style, but remember: what is good for girls and young women will not suit aged ladies!

Be careful with such adorable characters.

Lady in Red

In the Pantone palette, we saw that red and its shades are in trend. To enhance the effect, you can use a complex technique - a combination of several varieties of red in one manicure. This is quite risky, as it requires that they all perfectly harmonize with each other, but the result is worth it!

You can get out of the situation by combining red with coral, orange and pink

The richest, catchy and luxurious combination - red and gold. Whether it be appliqués, patterns, stamping or french, these two colors form an extra-fashion pair!

The royal combination, which many are accustomed to consider the New Year, is important this spring.

Is it possible to add rhinestones or sequins to such an active color? Can and should be - say representatives of the beauty industry. But the most current combination is red + pearls. Gentle white pearls do not argue with the main shade, do not try to "shout down" it.

Such a tandem, even with an abundance of brilliance, will not be excessive!

Wonderful rubs

You shouldn’t give up on reversals that survived a real boom in winter! On the contrary, it is worth looking for new, unusual ways to use them. So, it’s great to look at small areas of the nail filled with rubbing and decorated like a real panel.

For framing use the same floral patterns.

Novelty, gaining momentum and occupying a strong position in the design of nails - rubbing "Yuki flakes". It differs from the usual one with a larger particle size. When applied to the nail, they do not form a dense iridescent color, but lie in a bizarre, not continuous pattern.

The result - a surface resembling a stone with splashes of precious metal

In the spotlight - pearl rub. It is applied on a light base (usually white or pink) and gives not a whitish white color, but shimmers in different shades, from cold to warm, creating the effect of pearl marigolds.

Pearls are always in honor of the sophisticated young ladies!

What if not gloss?

Are you tired of standard glossy coatings? Their texture is quite possible to diversify. At your service - matte varnishes, which are now offered by many manufacturers. Spring and fashion dictate their own rules and insist that such a manicure should be diluted with rhinestones.

Use stones of different shades, but make sure that they are well suited to each other.

Another "tasty" manicure is done using so-called sand varnish, which forms a rough coating resembling fine sugar.

If you are not used to rough nails, start with a sandy lacquer with one finger on each hand.

Different volumetric patterns look subtle and elegant. Как правило, они выполняются с помощью специальной пудры бархатистой текстуры, но в распоряжении мастеров есть и другие приемы.

Самое популярное сочетание розового и белого стоит взять на заметку!

Let's talk about gel varnish

This coating is valued for durability and a smooth glossy surface. It is worth noting that the gel polish is no longer the privilege of owners of long nails. With the naturalness of fashion, short claws also often enjoy such beauty.

The natural color of the plate is underlined, the contrasting pattern goes on top

Of all the colors, light orange and salmon are gaining more and more popularity. The latter is especially loved for its originality and unusualness.

Hue delicate and at the same time bright!

Finally, one of the hottest trends is French Ombre. Using the classic combination, the master achieves a smooth transition from one color to another.

Suitable for sophisticated women of fashion and lovers of natural image

Shellac: what's new?

Dense and reliable shellac also shows that many trends affect all areas of nail design. So, increasingly, clients ask the master to draw a spring composition on the nails.

This season without delicate pink shades anywhere!

Shellac gives a steady covering on which it is very convenient to use different types of acrylic sand. Take note!

What about popsicles sparkling like real ice?

Mirror surfaces created with shellac are much less susceptible to deformation than their counterparts, which we can do at home without special equipment. The most fashionable this spring is a mysterious dark purple color with beautiful transitions to green or blue.

In the sun, such a manicure will play like a peacock feather

Perhaps the most important thing is not to perceive fashion as something that limits us and constrains our individuality. On the contrary, it can determine the general tone, give recommendations, direct, making our movements from one style to another more orderly. But first of all, fashion is the foundation on which we build our own image. And this article should first of all inspire you to amazing discoveries and interesting experiments that will help you find harmony and a sense of your uniqueness.