Rating of the kindest signs of the zodiac according to astrologers


All representatives of the zodiacal circle are endowed with kindness, but, according to astrologers, in some of them it manifests itself somewhat stronger. Among women and men born under the same zodiac sign, it is girls who are most friendly, although there are exceptions to this rule.


The leader in the ranking of the kindest signs of the zodiac is Aquarius, because it is different:

  • sociability;
  • vivacity;
  • responsiveness.

Aquarius easily find a common language with any person. They do not tolerate the framework and communicate with all on the same level. Representatives of this sign are friendly to those who once hurt them.

Kindness and mercy are equally endowed with both men and women of this zodiac sign. At any moment they are ready to help an outsider who is in trouble, and of course they will support friends who are in a difficult situation.


Taurus is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of a loved one and to help even the unfamiliar. Such a person is always open and ready to communicate, but sometimes it interferes with him. Sincere Taurus is waiting for the same frankness and from the authorities. He often completely trusts even unfamiliar people than some prefer to take advantage of.

Young Taurus men are more often kinder than women. Caring and kind men in relationships always support their half, surround her with care and love. Perhaps that is why they are considered the best husbands.


Virgo is characterized by hyper-care and benevolence. Men and women born under this sign are merciful to others and are always ready to help not only a friend, but also a stranger. But representatives of this zodiac sign, in contrast to Aquarius, are vindictive enough, therefore they will not be favorable to those who have been penalized, but rather, emphasized politely cold.

Maiden offenders never take revenge, but prefer to eliminate such people from their lives.


Pisces did not make the top three in this ranking because they are rather indifferent to those around them. If Taurus and Aquarius are ready to rush to help even a stranger, then the representatives of this sign are kind and merciful in the first place to close relatives and comrades.

But at the same time Pisces is very sensitive and good-natured. This is especially applicable to girls who always show sympathy and compassion for loved ones, trying in every way to support them in any situation.


The archers are kind to people who, in their opinion, deserve a good attitude. They are indifferent to ill-wishers. Positive and sociable Sagittarius will always help a friend with advice and lift his spirits.

A Sagittarius woman, unlike a man, tries to see only the good sides of others. She quickly makes a compromise and gladly assists the needy.


Kindness Rakov manifests itself in the form of caring for others. But benevolently they relate only to relatives and good friends, whom they have a little. For the sake of loved ones, Cancer, like Taurus, is ready to make almost any sacrifice.

This is especially true of girls born under this sign of the zodiac. They are caring mothers and wives who are ready to support their partner in any situation. It is easy to communicate with them, as these women create a pleasant atmosphere around themselves and try to avoid conflict situations. That is why they were in the ranking of the best wives.


Libra benevolent and educated people, although initially seem indifferent and restrained. Men and girls who were born under this sign rarely openly show their feelings, but sincerely love and support their loved ones.


Like Libra, Capricorns seem detached. They often hide their true feelings, because of what others may seem to representatives of this sign do not care about the problems of other people. Capricorns are in fact responsive and kind, but only to those who have managed to win their trust.


Scorpions are quite ambiguous personalities. They are hot-tempered and vindictive, but the complex nature in their case is compensated by sensitivity and inclination to empathy.

Scorpio women are most often much softer than strict and purposeful men. They try to help close people even when they do not need their support and compassion.

a lion

The most closed sign of the zodiac in terms of goodwill is precisely Leo. He tries not to demonstrate his attitude towards others and long remember those who caused him evil. He helps only those close to him, and then as far as possible.

Female Lions - generous and noble nature. They protect and care only about those whom they sincerely love.


Aries set certain limits when dealing with people. They are ready to help a person, but within reasonable limits and without any damage to themselves. Principal Aries is indifferent to those who hinder him in achieving his goal. He is rarely interested in the opinions of others and is able even to unwittingly hurt a person’s feelings. For this reason, such young men and women seem to be stale and sharp around them.


The twins are polite and attentive to others, but prefer not to participate in the resolution of other people's problems. They are ready to listen to the person and console him, but such assistance may seem to be a formal interlocutor. Sincerely and disinterestedly Twins are ready to help only the closest friends and relatives. But most often far from all family members and comrades fall on this list.

The rating of the kindest signs of the zodiac indicates only which of its representatives is more friendly and generous. But since much depends on the individual astrological characteristics of each person and the specific situation, you should not blindly rely only on the data of the top.