Mariah Carey's tasteless outfits: singer stuck in the 90s


Mariah Carey - the owner of a strong voice, pop singer and one of the many sex symbols of the 90s. The taste preferences of the artist, despite the passage of time, could not cross the threshold of zero, which is why she is often criticized by fans and subscribers. Carey is experiencing a clear craving for rhinestones, high heels and mini, and, apparently, is not going to give up on it. Here are a few outfits of the singer, which, according to fans, have become the worst of those that turned out on Mariah lately.

Tasteless lacing paired with a style emphasizing the figure flaws, became a fashionable sentence for the woman, and also provoked a flurry of negative in the comments.

Among today's young stars, the trend is the most open dresses that do not hide the figure and are frankly sexy. Carey, apparently, decided to follow the youth, only she forgot that she was no longer 18.

This dress, more like a peignoir, was also not without negative feedback from the public - it was considered vulgar for an evening look.

The same can be said about this bow of the singer - high heels, fishnet tights and a tight little dress.

Mariah’s strange leggings are leggings, which she often combines with high studs, and this time also with a platform. Subscribers tenderly dubbed these shoes "hoofs".

The combination of lace underwear with a leather jacket and pants also turned out to be doubtful. Shoes this time got less - the upper part of the image took the brunt of it.

Skin again? Stockings over pantyhose? It seems that the singer confused social events and evening performance in a cabaret.

The image of the predator, who often tried on Mariah, this time did not find its place in combination with excessive glitter and mesh tights. "Vulgar!", - subscribers shouted.

Another short dress with a slit and a large number of rhinestones, coupled with fur, does not give the performer a gloss and looks eccentric. Also got and singer shoes with an open nose, worn on shiny tights.

Unsuccessful outfit, perspective and frankly extra pantyhose - Carey knows a lot about how to spoil the look of his legs, which in the comments have been called sausages.

Contrary to the advice of stylists, the singer prefers to include in her image things with logos of expensive brands. Unfortunately for Mariah, modern trends do not approve of this.

The image of all blvck, which got its name from the English phrase all black, the artist also managed to spoil. This time, the culprits were leopard boots. Yes, and a tight suit looks disgusting, emphasizing the problem areas.

One of the last issues for Carey also turned out to be a failure - another brilliant dress from the 90s, furs and tights, worn under sandals. All of this was not perceived by fans with due approval.

Things reached the point that the singer managed to spoil even her costume for All Saints' Day - the image of the bride came out with Maria extremely unfortunate.

Fans for a long time wondering what made the woman wear tight dark tights under this dress. Unfortunately, they failed to find the answer.

Unlike many other singer's outfits, this dress cannot be called a failure, unless, of course, we take into account the awful shape of the neckline, which definitely spoils the look of Mariah's bust.

One of the modern trends are sports brands. This adidas dress might have looked good on Carey if it hadn’t been complete enough for a lot of hips.

It seems that to go to the gym you need a little different clothes and shoes. Perhaps the singer does not think so, causing laughter of her subscribers.

The abundance of rhinestones, mesh and excessive luster are all standard attributes of Carey's attire.

The last photo fans would just have to leave without comments, but they just could not pass the apogee of vulgarity

Perhaps each of the singer's outfits is good in its own way - everyone has different tastes. But from the position of modern fashion, Mariah is still somewhere in the 90s and often makes Haiter happy with her appearance.