Style and provocation by Dita Von Teese


She is a woman phenomenon, a mystery woman, a woman icon. Dita Von Teese seemed to have come down to us from the screens of old Hollywood and reminded the world what the fair sex should be like - luxurious and elegant. Always flawless, faithful to her style, sensual and seductive, appearing at any event, she inevitably attracts all eyes to herself and amazes with her unique beauty. What is her secret?

Inspired by retro

In the distant 90s, when the world did not yet know Dita von Teese, young blonde Heather Rene Suit looked at Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner with delight, hoping that someday she would become a brilliant diva. She created herself: from a resounding pseudonym to a unique image. Dita is one of those few celebrities who have never resorted to the services of stylists, but it always looks perfect. She draws inspiration from her black-and-white cinema and photographs of the stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood, and therefore it is not surprising that Miss von Teese is called a modern icon of retro-style.

"A woman should know herself well, study her individuality and understand what she is, what things suit her more, and herself be an icon of style, and not imitate others."

Dita Von Teese (née Heather Rene Suit) from childhood dreamed of being like the stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood. She created herself, completely changing her appearance and choosing a more sonorous name. Dita never used the services of stylists. Old Hollywood Ditu von Teese is called an icon of modern retro-style. Dita advises women first of all to study themselves and their individuality, rather than follow trends.

Creating an image in retro style is not as easy as it may seem: various details play a huge role here, for example, manicure and makeup, quality of fabrics, styles of clothes, accessories. It is also unacceptable to mix different eras in one set. For example, a dress in the style of the 50s will look ridiculous along with make-up and accessories from the 20s.

Creating a retro style is not as simple as it may seem. It is important to take into account various details: accessories, make-up, hair. It is important and the quality of the fabric of the products, as well as the style.

Dita knows all these subtleties perfectly - every image of her is always thought out to the smallest detail. Porcelain skin, just like a black-and-white movie diva, shooters, scarlet lipstick, perfectly styled curls and moon manicure are the perfect complement to her retro looks.

Dita Von Teese is well aware of all the subtleties of creating a retro-image. Each of her outings is thought out to the smallest detail. Porcelain skin, impeccable styling, scarlet lipstick fully correspond to her style.

Often Dita refers to the linen style, which is considered one of the directions of retro style. Imitation of underwear, peeking out from under the clothes, corsets and laces, translucency and bold neckline - Dita knows how to look impressive in terms of good taste. She brilliantly manages to stand the line between sexuality and vulgarity, provocation and bad taste, and all thanks to the simple rule - not to show too much, because a woman should always remain a mystery.

"I have a clear idea of ​​what is sexy, but not vulgar. In everyday life, I like images that combine mystery and direct hint. Suppose I combine long sleeves with deep cleavage. I love skirts and dresses in midi length “Just below the knee, but I definitely wear them with sexy shoes.”

Often Dita turns to lingerie style. The lingerie style is considered one of the directions of retro style and originated back in the 20s. Dita knows how to look impressive in terms of good taste. She selects images that combine mystery and direct hint.

Dita loves velor, velvet and satin, creating a luxurious, noble image in which she looks like a real queen. Well, when it comes to linen style, then you just can not do without lace and silk.

Dita loves velor, velvet and satin. In noble fabrics she looks like a real queen. Silk and lace help create the image in the linen style.

As for the color scheme, the favorite dancer is a dramatic black, which favorably emphasizes her aristocratic pallor. In different contexts, he can create both an image of a beautiful lady and a femme vamp.

"I like black because it focuses attention on the face, but in general I wear all the colors. I really like shades of precious stones, for example. I also often choose colors that fit my red nails and red lipstick."

The dancer's favorite is the black color. This color favorably emphasizes her aristocratic pallor and focuses attention on her face. The black color can be called universal. In one case, he creates the image of a beautiful lady. In the other, the fatal vampDita woman is able to adequately present highly provocative images combining black color, leopard print and the final touch - red lipstick.

Luxurious red is very white-haired brunette, as she knows perfectly well. Dita is not afraid to choose the red total-look, compensating for the provocative brightness of the long and restrained cut.

The red color is also a great dancer. A small red dress can be a good alternative to black. Provocative brightness Dita compensates for the length and style

Retro style is impossible to imagine without the characteristic prints of the 50s and 60s: flirty peas, cages, bright flower motifs.

Retro style is unimaginable without the characteristic prints of the 50s - 60s: flirty peas, cells, bright flower prints. These prints are perfect for a pin-up style. Bridget BardotPrint "goose foot" is still relevant and is considered classics

Being a supporter of feminine images, Dita sometimes tries on pants, but in accordance with her favorite style she chooses models in retro style: always with a high waist.

Sometimes Dita also tries on pants. As a rule, these are models with high waists, capri pants or breeches.

Waist accent

Dita Von Teese is the owner of an ideal feminine figure with a magnificent breast and pronounced aspen waist, and always selects the styles that successfully frame her merits. At the same time she pays special attention to how the thing sits on it, because the perfect cut is of great importance.

"It is important that a woman always has a good tailor. A custom-made dress can not be compared with any dress ..."

Dita Von Teese - the owner of an ideal feminine figure with a magnificent breast and a pronounced aspen waist. She selects dresses that successfully highlight her dignity and at the same time pays special attention to fitting things. Dita advises women to sew a dress to order.

Practical dress-case - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Thanks to its cut and fit, it favorably emphasizes all the curves of the body, creating the cherished hourglass silhouette. Dita willingly chooses different models of this dress for both appearances and everyday walks. By the way, despite the fact that the sheath dress is still relevant today, the peak of its popularity falls on the retro era, when it was worn by such style icons as Edith Piaf, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Practical dress-case - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any fashionable woman. It successfully emphasizes all the curves of the female body. Dita Von Teese loves this style very much. She chooses different models of this dress for both outfits and everyday walks. losing popularity so far

Being an ardent fan of fashion from the 50s, Dita Von Teese loves the silhouette of new look, created by Christian Dior, praising femininity and fragility. Narrow corsets, crinoline, straps, fitted dresses and skirts help her create images in the spirit of the time.

The new look silhouette originated in the 50s thanks to Christian Diorou. The new look style dresses perfectly highlight the femininity and fragility. Dita Von Teese is a big fan of new look style dresses. The new look features distinctive waist, sometimes corset and puffy skirt.

Outside the red tracks Dita looks more relaxed, but does not give up her favorite image. Skirts of the bell style just below the knees, sundresses and new look silhouette dresses help create a comfortable, but stylish bow in the spirit of the 50s.

Dita Von Teese does not give up her favorite image and in everyday life. You can create an image in the style of the 50s with the help of a fluffy bell skirt. When choosing outerwear, you should pay attention to fitted styles.


The veil is one of Dita's favorite accessories, because this small detail adds originality and mystery to the image, makes it elegant and vintage, and at the same time helps to hide some age changes.

Accessories are very important when creating an image in a retro style. Veil is one of Dita's favorite accessories. It fits perfectly into a retro image. The veil can hide some age changes.

Hats - another passion dancer. It can be seen in the classic miniature models, and in very catchy extravagant headdresses, flirty ladies' hats and high cylinders.

"I have a huge collection of hats - I have a whole room given for them - there are so many of them!"

Hats - a real passion of the dancer. She collects various models of hats. She can also be seen in classic miniature models and in very catchy extravagant headdresses, flirty ladies' hats and high cylinders. An important nuance when choosing this accessory is that the hat should fit the image

Such an accessory, like gloves, looks very harmonious in a retro-image and adds elegance to their owner.

Dita loves such an accessory as gloves. They look harmonious in a retro image and add elegance.

Jewelry always fit her image. Of course, "diamonds are the best friends of the girls", but besides them, the queen of burlesque gladly wears noble pearls and high-quality jewelry.

"Underline the part of the body that you consider the most attractive. Better yet, decorate it, for example, put on a massive pendant, if you have a high chest, emphasize a long neck with a string of pearls."

Dita always chooses jewelry in accordance with the image. She is happy to try on luxurious diamond necklaces on the red carpet. She can choose and high-quality jewelry. Dita recommends emphasizing the most attractive parts of the body with jewelry.

The dancer admits that in order to look chic in everyday life, a lot of effort is not required: a healthy lifestyle and good sleep will make the skin shine, hair can be removed in hairpiece, red lipstick will add a bright accent and complete the image. And so you do not have to spend a lot of time on makeup, you can just wear sunglasses.

"It's amazing how simple one pair of good glasses can create a chic look!"

Sunglasses help complete the look and hide signs of fatigue.

Without changing himself and his style, Dita often chooses a frame in the form of "cat's eye", which was popular in the 50s.

Dita chooses a cat-shaped frame. This type of glasses was popular in the 1950s.

Make-up as an integral feature of the flawless style of Dita Von Teese

Dita's make-up is designed in the style of old Hollywood with hints of pin-up: underlined eyebrows, black arrows, thickly painted eyelashes and scarlet lipstick. In this case, no contouring - smooth white skin, sometimes a little blush for freshness. By the way, Dita Von Teese does not use the services of makeup artists and always does her own makeup. The main thing here - to fill your hand.

Dita's makeup is made in the style of old Hollywood with hints of pin-ups. The queen of burlesque always draws with the help of a liquid eyeliner, and never with a pencil. Dita sometimes uses false eyelashes.

Unsuccessful Images

For all her long career in Hollywood, Dita Von Teese had almost no unsuccessful exits - no wonder she is called a style icon! However, if you really try, you can find several images that still can not be called perfect.

The proportions are what Dita forgot when trying on a blue dress at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week. This style has spoiled even the ideal figure of the dancer, having made an imperceptible breast and having added volume in a waist.

This style distorted all the proportions of Dita’s perfect figure.

After the appearance of Dita at the Fashion Week in London in 2014, many suspected that the queen of burlesque was expecting a child. However, everything turned out to be much more prosaic: because of the unsuccessful print and the strange volumetric belt, non-existent extra kilos appeared on the dancer's figure, but the wasp waist disappeared.

The appearance of Dita at the Fashion Week in London in 2014 provoked a wave of rumors about pregnancy. And the culprit is a bad print and a strange belt.

Smooth, emphasizing the shape of a silhouette without unnecessary details, Von Teese is ideally suited, but folds, skinning, bruising, drapery in unsuccessful places are her worst enemies.

Folds and underside also distort the figure and do not decorate Dita.

Dita feels fine line between sexuality and vulgarity, but she is not immune from mistakes. Appearing at a Crazy Horse cabaret party in a very frank dress, revealing not only the neckline, but also what is below the belt, the queen of burlesque obviously overdone with provocation.

A rare case when Dita went too far with frankness - the dress showed too much and the image turned out to be vulgar.

Dita Von Teese is a perfect example of how a woman can be transformed beyond recognition through careful work on herself, clothes, successful hair and make-up. Realizing her own dream - to become a Hollywood diva, she proved to the whole world that each of us can be beautiful and at the same time unique, unique, just want to. Today, Dita helps every woman to feel desirable and sexy, releasing her own line of stunning underwear, clothes and perfume.