Instructions for use comb darsonval, principle of operation


For a woman, hair is a source of pride, inner strength and attractiveness. Since ancient times, the owners of beautiful braids have been deified, admired and fought for them.

Lush thick long hair - the result of the smooth work of all body systems. Today, unfortunately, due to poor lifestyle, constant stress and routine work, everyday problems, unstable food and lack of rest, you can forget about the perfect head of hair. But there are a number of drugs and means to improve the structure of the hair and strengthen the hypodermic bulbs. Among the first - darsonval.

Comb darsonval for hair

This is a comprehensive device that allows you to care for the areas of the face, ears, scalp. To do this, the device has many attachments with different heads, on which the functionality of the tool depends. Current is transmitted to the surface of the heads by means of electrodes. Through the glass exterior, it gets on the top layer of skin. But this is a non-permanent static phenomenon. Discharge occurs only when touching the body. The current is small, you can endure it, but the discomfort from the process at first will be.

As well as the procedure is accompanied by a specific buzz and crackle, but this is from the work of the electrodes. There may be a burning smell. This is the result of a chemical reaction with glass.

Discharge power can be adjusted and reduced. But dermatologists recommend the dynamic process to increase the effect.

Instructions for use are electroracially simple. Enough in the gun (the working part of the device) to mount a special nozzle, which in appearance resembles a comb, and fix. Insert the plug into the outlet and check if there is a contact by touching the comb. If there is an orange light and crackling, then the tool works.

It is necessary to use darsonval independently. Combings are repeated

movements with slight pressure on the head.

Since the comb interacts with the cells and collects residues of sebum on the surface, it must be cleaned after use. For this fit wet wipes and antiseptic. First, pull the nozzle out of the darsonval, spray it with a spray, remove any residual dirt from the surface, and insert it into the device.

Benefit and harm

The darsonvalization procedure is considered useful, thanks to the process you can get rid of a number of problems with hair and skin.

Comb helps:

  1. Get rid of the magnifier.
  2. Normalize the metabolic processes in the upper layers of the skin and stabilize the release of fat.
  3. To heal hair and give it a brilliant blooming look.
  4. Wake up sleeping bulbs and thereby enhance the growth of new hairs, which has a positive effect on the degree of density of hair.
  5. Reduce the level of hair loss.

Thanks to darsonval massage, a number of changes occur in the skin, which has a positive effect on the appearance. Easy to work An electric device is capable of solving a problem that medical cosmetology and trichologists do not always cope with.

As for the harm from use, there are just a few factors:

  • Due to the current, pain and redness of the skin are possible. People with sensitivity should stop using the device.
  • Darsonval has a drying effect on the skin, so you need to do masks after massage procedures and apply nourishing creams to restore fat balance.

As seen, The benefits of this device are manyBut the main thing is to properly carry out the procedures and observe the precautionary measures

How to use for hair

The scalp treatment course is divided into 20 procedures., they can be carried out every day, and alternating with therapeutic masks or skin massages. One session lasts 15-20 minutes. During this time, you need to treat the entire skin on the head, giving zones a few minutes. This is important because under the frequent influence of electrodes, blood flow improves and the awakening of dormant bulbs begins.

After the first procedure there is no result, but if you look at the hair in a month, then visually the first successes will already be noticeable. Problems associated with dandruff or fragility of the tips will be solved in 7-8 procedures. But this does not mean that, having achieved the first results, you need to quit. No, you need to adhere to the schedule of using darsonval, then the effect will be maximum.

Hair before the procedure should be dry, clean and without any styling products, so as not to be confused when combing. This does not mean that you need to wash your hair every time darsonval turns on. It is enough just to use lacquers and other products that oily skin and make hair heavier while using the device.

It is necessary to start combing from the roots and hold the scallop only on the skin. It makes no sense to comb the hair on the length, it will not give effect, except that it electrifies the hairs. Incorrectly led the device all over the head. It is necessary to divide into zones and devote some time to each section depending on the condition of the hair. Where there are fewer, there is longer to work as a massager, and vice versa.

The direction of combing must be changedso that impulses from different angles can penetrate the skin and wake up the bulbs, increasing blood flow. The direction from the forehead to the back of the head and from the forehead to the ears is considered the most effective and efficient.

Tips for choosing the right one

On the Internet you can find many sites and stores offering to buy this mechanism at an affordable price. But not always discounts and promotions indicate the appropriate quality. In order not to fall for the scammers and get a really high-quality device, it is necessary to take into account some points.

Before making a choice, you need to look at these aspects:

  • Certificate. This is the main document for any medical instrument, because it indicates the results of research, compliance with health standards.
  • Application area. Since the preparation is universal, as it can be used both for prophylaxis and for treatment of different areas of the body, it is necessary to make sure that the comb is available for the hair.
  • Regulation of force. Darsonvali can be both salon and home. They are distinguished just as power and the ability to handle large areas of the skin due to the increased nozzles. For home use, be sure to buy a quality appliance. Without experience and skills of regulation, you can hurt yourself and get burned by improper treatment.
  • Description of the device and technical characteristics. This indicates power, functionality, and usage rules. And also describes the indications and contraindications darsonval comb.
  • And although this is a universal tool that can only be used as an electric massager, you still need to re-read the instructions, because different manufacturers produce original nozzles, and the regulation of power modes may also differ.
  • The presence of a package of accompanying documents. In this case, this manual and printing company on the warranty card.
  • Price indexes.

Comb Reviews

Studies show that the use of the device can not only improve the overall condition of the hair and scalp, but also be applicable in physiotherapy and neurology for treatment and prevention.

I heard about the device from a friend who was doing the whole course in the cabin. She was helped in a few months by the hair industry. I started falling out, decided to buy a home appliance. Spent two courses. At first, the sensations are unpleasant, and it even seems as if the skin begins to tighten, but then you get used to it and nothing bad is noticed.

Against hair loss helped, the effect is satisfied. I can recommend to anyone who has the same problems.


I ordered darsonval in an online store with a good reputation. I read that the electronic device may be poor quality, if it will be cheap, so overpaid. But I do not regret.

I read the testimony to the use of darsonval comb, I discovered my problem, the course did not pass until the end. Dandruff is gone.

In principle, the result is satisfied, I liked everything. The only thing I do not believe in effect to enhance hair growth. It seems to me that in a month the hair itself can grow by several centimeters without the help of a miracle remedy. Even masks this effect is achieved faster and better.

The device is worth the money, it is an excellent replacement for salon procedures.


I join those who bought the drug and liked it. My result was amazing. Hair began to grow quickly, and the density increased markedly. And this without any aids and masks. Of course, darsonvale for hair benefits and harm may occur depending on how to use, but the ultrasound action plus the warming effect for the body is the present invention.

I want to try other tips for skin rejuvenation and firming effect. But, probably, I will first go to the salon to see how the procedure is carried out there, what a phased approach.


After going on a diet, hair problems started, but thanks to darsonwal she was able to stop the loss. I recommend this really useful device.