Boho-style dresses: 30 images of your freedom


Among all the styles of clothing boho can be called one of the most original and unusual. It is great for those who like to stand out from the crowd, does not recognize the framework and restrictions, is not afraid of bold experiments. But, as the heroine of the movie "Office Romance" used to say, combining is important in clothes, that is, the ability to correctly combine things with each other. How and with what to wear such dresses, so that the look was beautiful and harmonious?

What is boho style

It was invented by Bohemian representatives as a response to bored and stamped glamor. It incorporates elements of vintage, hippies and ethno, as well as some Gothic, military and even Gypsy motifs.

The basic rules of boho are no synthetics, "acidic" shades or cramped elements, but only natural materials, ethnic patterns, convenience and freedom. Clothing in this style combines the most incompatible, at first glance, elements - thin fabrics with coarse shoes, velvet skin, large fringe jewelery, etc., but it looks very stylish and original.

Boho Dresses: Features and Models

Features of such clothes - free, wide cut, layering, natural materials and a palette of colors. The waist is emphasized not by tucks, but by laces, belts and belts, ruffles, draping, flounces and laces act as additional decorations. Natural or semi-natural fabrics (cotton, silk, flax, jacquard, knitwear, etc.) are preferred, and the length of the models is mainly midi or maxi, but there are also mini-dresses.

Linen dress made of fine natural fabric and a hat are ideal for summer heat.

A spring-autumn model with lace and black suede boots is suitable for urban fashionistas.

A golden brown boho evening dress with metal decorations is stylish and elegant.

A simple, very gentle wedding image with a wreath of fresh flowers.

These outfits are good because they are suitable for women of any age and size - with the right choice of shoes and accessories, each woman will look just perfect.

Slender girls can choose any model, complementing them with different accessories.

Fat women fit as simple as possible with a high waist and long sleeves.

What shoes to wear

Shoes for boho dresses are better to choose from natural materials with low heels or without them. Particularly original look such outfits with high boots on a flat sole, gladiator sandals, ballet flats made of fabric, decorated with knitted elements, fringe or lacing. Lovers of stilettos and high wedge shoes should also not abandon such clothes - among the variety of models you will definitely find suitable ones.

A discreet casual look is ethno-boho style combined with suede boots.

Cowboy boots, hat and dress boho - for lovers of bold experiments.

Airy lace outfit with coarse boots looks original and stylish.

Knitted boho mesh dress with ankle boots will suit girls who love glamorous looks.

A simple light-colored dress and gladiator sandals are a gentle summer bow.

Fans of high-heeled shoes should choose less voluminous models and a minimum of accessories.

Accessories and jewelry

Accessories are an integral element of boho, but it is better to forget about elegant jewelry made of gold and silver, rhinestones and small glamorous clutches. It makes sense to choose a large costume jewelry from simple materials (wood, leather, ceramics), voluminous textile bags with fringe and ethnic ornaments, belts or laces for a dress in this style. Special chic - a scarf or scarf, which can be tied on the head, neck, waist or just throw on the shoulders. Do not be afraid to overdo it with accessories: beautiful bad taste is one of the principles of boho.

For dresses boho fit massive jewelry in the style of hand-made.

Fabric clutch, decorated with ornaments and metal elements is a good addition to the image.

A hip belt of coarse yarns in combination with a light knitted mini dress.

A volume leather bag with a fringe and a simple belt in tone perfectly complement the image.

Dress boho, turban from a scarf and a large number of accessories look bold and extravagant.

A less catchy image with a scarf and country style boots.

What else can you combine

Boho style "loves" multi-layered and unexpected combinations, so the dresses are combined with almost any outerwear within the basic rules - natural colors, simplicity, floral and ethnic ornaments. Perfectly complement the image of a hat: in the summer it is better to choose a straw headdress, at other times of the year - wide-bore felt.

Urban image for spring and autumn - a white knitted dress with a leather jacket, scarf and boots.

Avant-garde youth image - a dark dress and a bright cardigan.

An unexpected combination of colors and textures is one of the principles of boho.

A bold image for a cool season with a fancy mix of styles and textures.

Light knitted sweater beautifully emphasizes multi-layer voluminous bottom.

Cardigan, decorated with a large flounce, goes well with a vintage multi-layered dress.

Urban casual look with fur cardigan and boots

Stylish youth look with floral print, leather boots and a hat.

Boho glamor for a summer with a straw hat.

Loose dresses on the floor do not require a large number of accessories - just get a suitable bag, and the image is ready.

Boho is also suitable for mature women, regardless of their preferences in clothing - strict models will like fans of restraint.

Bold and unexpected bows will delight those who love extravagance.

If you want to create your own fashionable and original look with a boho dress, do not be afraid to experiment with make-up in this direction. This free and slightly shocking style does not recognize the concepts of "too much" and "incompatible."